Mediation Services

VIRTUAL MEDIATION SPECIAL Starting at $125.00 Per Party, Per Hour

NEUTRAL RATES Per hour, per Party

NeutralTwo PartyThree PartyFour+Party
Mallory Minor, MPS$250.00$200.00$175.00


Our contract for mediation services is with the Attorney(s), participants and insurers, if any. We extend credit, with no advance deposit requirement for mediations, based on the Attorney’s and insurer’s credit. The Attorney, in turn, collects from their client(s). Therefore, we expect payment from the Attorney(s) and insurers regardless of client activity.

Pro Se Parties are required to pay an estimated deposit amount before mediation dates are confirmed. Estimated deposit is at the discretion of the Neutral. Deposits are non-refundable.

All fees, expenses, costs and travel time will be equally split among all parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Hourly Rates: See full Neutral Rates table. All rates are per party and per hour. Virtual Mediation Special Starting at $125.00 per party and per hour.

*Note: Hourly fees are the same for any neutral/mediator time required prior to mediation for document review, research, or preparation of any written findings or drafting of an informed award or evaluation.

Time Minimum: One (1) hour minimum for all virtual mediations; Two (2) hour minimum for all mediations within 20 miles of the offices of East Muni Consulting, LLC; Four (4) hour minimum for all mediations outside 20 miles from offices of East Muni Consulting, LLC

Mediation Administrative Fee: $50.00 per party, per day

Travel Time & Expense: $100.00 per party; per hour outside Metro Atlanta; plus routine travel expenses including but not limited to transportation, lodging, mileage, car rental and meals.

Terms: Payment is due upon receipt. A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be charged on balances due over 45 days.


All parties will receive written confirmation of the mediation/arbitration date within 48 hours of the case being confirmed by East Muni Consulting, LLC.

No cancellation fee will be charged if the matter is cancelled or rescheduled at least seven (7) calendar days before the date mediation is confirmed.

All cancellations or rescheduling requests must be received by email to The request shall include the confirmed East Muni Consulting ADR Matter Number found on the confirmation email, the style of the case (if applicable), the confirmed date of the mediation and the reason for the requested cancellation. Please also copy all participants in this email.

If for whatever reason the confirmed mediation date is cancelled or rescheduled within seven (7) days of the original confirmed mediation date, a cancellation fee of one (1) hour will be charged at the assigned Neutral’s hourly rate to each party.

A copy of these policies is emailed with a Notice of Mediation letter to all known participants prior to the mediation.
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